Pawnee Dreamscape

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Pawnee Buttes, Colorado, Super Bloe Blood Moon


I captured this image of a total lunar eclipse (also called the Super Blue Blood Moon) over Pawnee Buttes on the morning of Janaury 31, 2018. Unfortunately, the moon sunk behind clouds before it was as low in the sky as you see it here. I moved it down lower in post-processing in an attempt to achieve the shot I'd originally envisioned. I also cloned out a fracking well and some windwills that have overtaken the Pawnee National Grasslands. The moon size, however, is real and not altered. I positioned myself 6 miles away from the Pawnee Buttes, so I could shoot them with a long telephoto lens and make the moon appear large.

Since clouds blocked the shot, I would normally return as often as necessary to capture the image that I had envisioned. I almost never alter images like this, and if I do I reveal what I did. However, the next eclipse that will be positioned this low over the buttes will not occur until 2037. If I'm still alive and the buttes have not been fracked into oblivion by then, perhaps I'll attempt to get a "real" shot from this spot. For now though, you will have to make do with this dreamsacpe, hovering somewhere between reality and fantasy.

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