Android Apps for Night Photography

I've listed some of my favorite Android apps for planning and executing your night photos below.

This is an amazingly comprehensive program that lets you visualize how the night sky will look at your location, does exposure and focus calculations, shows how star trails will looks, and much more!
Google Earth
The Android version of Google Earth allows you to take its incredibly detailed maps from satellite images with you anywhere.
Stellarium Mobile Sky Map
This program shows exactly how the night sky will appear from any location around the world at any date and time you choose.
The Photographer's Ephemeris
TPE shows where and when the moon and sun will set on any given day at any location, so you can plan your shots accordingly.

With this app, you can point your mobile device up, and it will give a real-time view of objects in the sky. You can also move forward in time to see how the sky will change at night.
Photo Tools
This app can do many calculations, including determining depth of field and long exposure settings.
Weather Underground
Weather Underground has a lot of useful information for predicting cloud cover at night.
DSLR Remote
This app allows you to use your mobile device as an invervalometer and can be used wirelessly if your camera has an infrared receiver.

Loss of the Night
This app shows how much light pollution you can expect at any location you want to shoot.
Aurora Alert
If you're looking to photography the northern lights, Aurora Forecast will show how strong the lights are expected to be for the next few days.
Aurora Buddy
This is another useful app for predicting the northern lights.
Clear Sky Droid
This is a mobile version of the website and helps you predict cloud cover throughout North America.

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