Lighting Equipment for Night Photography

Although light painting using artificial light can help you capture some stunning images at night, I believe that it can be overdone. Modern cameras can pick up a lot more detail than humans can see with the naked eye, and you can get very good results without a flashlight. I think it is best to discover what the camera is capable of without a flashlight and then use a flashlight when you feel that you canít get the shot you want without one.


EagleTac Clicky Neutral White
This is an amazingly small and remarkably bright flashlight that puts a warm light that produces natural colors. It can be great for light painting and can be dimmed to the brightness you desire. The only disadvantage is that it does not have adjustable focus.
EagleTac G25C2 MKII Neutral White
This has basically all the same features as the Eagletack Clicky, but it is larger and can put out a very bright light (though it's also dimmable).
LED Lenser P7.2 Flashlight
This is the flashlight that I use on the occasions that I still light paint. It puts out a cool blue light that is often undesirable, but this can be fixed in post-processing or with a color filter. It has different brightness settings and adjustable focus. The adjustable focus is why I prefer this flashlight, as you can quickly switch from a narrow, concentrated beam to a wide, diffuse one.
Vizeri VZ460
This flashlight is very simlar to the LED Lenser, in that it puts out a cool blue light, has adjustable focus, and is dimmable. It also has a couple features the Lenser doesn't have: it's waterproof and comes with a diffuser.
Nitecore Tiny Monster TM28
This flashlight can put out an incredibly powerful, cool blue light (up to 6000 lumens, though it's dimmable). It does cost about $400. In my opinion, it's overkill for most light painting needs but may be a good tool for very avid light painters. Only use this in very remote areas where you won't be disturbing other people.

Other Lights
Coast HL7 Focusing LED Headlamp
This is a great headlamp that has adjustable focus and can put out 4 to 285 lumens. It's useful for finding your way in the dark and can also do a remarkably good job light painting.
LRI Proton Pro
The Proton Pro is useful for preserving night vision, as it can put out a very dim red or white light.
Neewer 160 LED Panel
An LED Panel puts out a wide, diffuse beam that can ensure even lighting over multiple shots. This may be useful for focus stacking or creating stitched images.
Flashpoint 320M 150 Watt Strobe
A strobe puts out a short, powerful burst of light. It's best use for night photography is probably if you are including people in the shot. It's hard to people to remain still during the entire exposure, but with a strobe light on a moonless night, they only need to stay still when the strobe goes off.

Color Filters
Rosco Rosco Lux Small Swatchbook
Color filters can change the color of light from your flashlight. This is especially useuful you are using a flashlight that doesn't doesn't produce a warm, natural light. The Roscolux Swatchbook has 1.5"x3" filters. It contains more colors than you could ever use at a very low price.

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