Acessories for Night Photography

In addition to the camera, lens, and tripod that you use, there are many accessories that are important for night photography.

Remote Shutter Releases
An intervalometer is a very important tool for night photography, as it allows you take very long exposures at night and to take automatically take multiple shots in a row.
Wired Releases
A standard wired release does not allow you to take exposures over 30 seconds, but it will allow you to take multiple shots in a row. It's less expnesive, so it could serve as a back up to your intervalometer.
Wireless Releases
A wireless release allows you to trigger your camera while standing a good distance away. This could be useful if you're light painting a subject and want to stand away from your camera to get a better lighting angle.

Night photography requires a lot of long exposures, which will quickly drain battery power. Batteries also die faster in cold weather. I recommend having a minimum of two fully charged batteries when shooting at night, preferably three. If you plan to shoot all night long or in very cold temperatures, you might need even more batteries. Click on "Compatible With" on the bottom left to narrow your search.
Battery Grip
A battery grip is very useful, as it allows you to add one and sometimes two extra batteries to your camera. This allows you to take repeated exposures throughout the night in order to capture star trails, meteors, and more.

Memory Cards
You can use up a lot of memory at night, especially if you are taking repeated exposures or creating large stitched images. At a minimum, I recommend one 64 or 128 GB card, though most photographers will need multiple cards.
External Hard Drives
You'll likely need a lot of extra storage space to store all of your images. I recommend owning severaly external hard drives, so that you are able to back up your images and have them stored in at least three different locations. You should tray and store one copy of your images away from your house, possibly in a safe deposit box.

Tiffen Double Fog 3 Filter
A fog filter can create a strong glow around largers stars and make them stand out more. This can help make consteallations like Orion and the Big Dipper much more prominenty in your images.
Hoya Softon-A Filter
The Softon A filter produces results that are very similar to the Tiffen Fog filter. It typically costs a little less than the Tiffen.

LensMuff folds flat for easy storage
Camera Bags
Since night photography requires a fair amount of specialized equipment, you may need one or more extra bags to hold everything.
Bubble Level
This is a simple but very handy tool. Since you can't see through the viewfinder at night, you'll always want to make sure your camera is level before taking a shot.
This handy accessory holds Hand Warmers and wraps around your lens, thus preventing dew from building up on your lens at night.
Lens Cleaning Cloth
A lens cleaning cloth can help wipe dew off your camera and at least temporarily stop it from fogging up. It is, of course, also useful for cleaning your lens.

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