Survival Gear

Photographing in the wilderness at night can be dangerous if you are unprepared. I've provided recommendations below on some survival gear that you should consider taking with you. This is just a basic list and is not intended as a thorough guide for all situations. If you haven't spent much time at night in the wilderness, I recommend taking your photos fairly close to your car.

GPS Unit
A GPS Unit can be invaluable if you hike at night. It's much more difficult to find your way in the dark, so owning one of these can get you safely to and from your destination.
While GPS units have built-in maps, they may not always be reliable since batteries can fail or the unit can break. Detailed maps can be important if you'll be doing much hiking at night. Click on a link under "Region" to narrow your search.
A compass is useful for navigation, especially if your GPS fails. It can also help you point your camera directly north when shooting star circles, as GPS units can only tell direction when you are in motion.

SPOT Satellite Messenger
This device can alert rescue crews of your location in case of an emergency. Since it uses satellites to communicate, it should work about anywhere on the planet, other than perhaps slot canyons or caves. With SPOT, friends and family are able to track your location in real time and you are able to send them alerts to let them know you are okay. This beacon does require a monthly service plan.
Garmin Satellite Communicators
The Garmin devices are similar to the SPOT, but generally offer more options, including detailed maps and two-communication fatures.
FastFind Personal Locator Beacon
If you don't want to pay a monthly service plan, you can purchase the Fast Find beacon. This unit costs a bit more than the SPOT, but you'll save quite a bit in the long run with no monthly fees. It can only be used in an emergency and can't be used to let friends and family know you are okay.
Survival Kit
You can create your own survival kit or buy one that comes prepackaged with many different items. Some things you should include in a survival kit are a fire starter, first aid supplies, a survival blanket, and a multipurpose tool or knife.

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