Clothing for Night Photography

It can get very cold when taking photos at night, so you should always come prepared. If it is going to be below 45 degrees F, I recommend having at least two layers of clothing over most of your body. If it is going to be below 10 degrees F, I recommend having at least three layers of clothing covering most of your body. Hand warmers and foot warmers are also very important, as these are parts of your body that are hardest to keep warm.

Minus33 Base Layers
I like merino wool for all of my base layers, as it is very warm and remains remarkably stink-proof. Minus33 creates very hight quality base layers with merino wool. This site also has a very good selection of snow pants and winter jackets.
North Face Jackets
North Face produces some of the very best winter jackets on the market. I use their 3-in-1 jacket when photographing in cold temperatures and it keeps me very warm. They also sell a lot of other winter clothing.
NEOS STABILicers OverShoes
The STABILicers Overshoes go over your normal shoes. This provides an extra layer of warmth and really prevents your feet from getting cold. They also provide great traction when walking on ice or hardened snow, which allows you to photograph in spots where you might not otherwise venture.

Heat Factory Pop-Top Mittens
I find these pop-top mittens to be very useful for night photography. The mitten cap folds back, so you just have a glove over the fingers. The glove is thin enough to allow you to operate your camera. When you're not shooting, you can put the mitten top on to keep your fingers warm. You can also insert a hand warmer into the mitten top. In frigid temperatures, you may also want a glove liner and/or a large glove that fits over these.
Thermo Gloves
These gloves are battery-heated and thin enough to operate a camera with. One drawback is that the charge only lasts a couple of hours on full power. I've also found that the wires inside the fingers can easily become misaligned and pinch your fingers. However, these gloves can be an option if you are shooting in frigid, below-zero temperatures.
Hand Warmers
Hand warmers are vital for keeping your toes and fingers warm at night, as these are parts of your body that are hardest to keep warm. They can also be attached to your lens with a rubber band to help keep it from fogging up.

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